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June 18, 2019


MONTANA WATER COURT LITTLE MISSOURI RIVER, ABOVE LITTLE BEAVER CREEK (BASIN 39F) NOTICE OF ENTRY OF PRELIMINARY DECREE AND NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY ALL WATER USERS NEED TO READ THIS NOTICE The Montana Water Court has entered its Preliminary Decree for Basin 39F and the Decree is now available for your review. The Decree and the forms are available at these locations: * Montana Water Court: 1123 Research Drive Bozeman, MT 59718 Telephone: 406-586-4364 * Montana DNRC, Water Rights Adjudication Office: 910 Helena Avenue Helena, MT 59620 Telephone: 406-444-0560 * Montana DNRC, Water Resources Regional Office(s): 1371 Rimtop Drive Billings, MT 59105 Telephone: 406-247-4415 The Decree is also available on the Internet at: https://courts.mt.gov/Courts/Water/Notices-and-Information Contact the Montana DNRC Water Rights Adjudication Office for information about purchasing a printed or electronic copy of the Decree. OBJECTIONS ALL OBJECTIONS MUST BE RECEIVED AT THE WATER COURT ON OR BEFORE NOVEMBER 19, 2019. The Objections must be filed on the forms provided by the Water Court and mailed to the Montana Water Court, PO Box 1389, Bozeman MT 59771-1389. EXTENSIONS The Water Court may grant a Request for an Extension of the time for filing objections. A Request for an Extension must be received by the Water Court on or before NOVEMBER 19, 2019. If an Extension is granted, it will apply to everyone. Any extension will be posted at the offices listed above and will be advertised once in this newspaper. RIGHT TO APPEAL If you do not participate in Water Court Proceedings, your right to appeal an adverse decision is limited by Section 85-2-235, MCA. If changes were made to your abstract, you may challenge those changes by filing an objection. You may also address DNRC Issue Remarks by an Objection. If there are changes and/or issue remarks on your abstract which are not resolved by an objection, these will be addressed and resolved by the Water Court. MEETINGS Two Informal Public Meeting(s) will be held by telephone conference calls on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm. To take part in the calls, dial 1-877-526-1243 and enter code: 46309676# Published in the Powder River Examiner May 31st, June 6, 13, and 20, 2019. MNAXLP

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