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MONTANA WATER COURT YELLOWSTONE DIVISION LITTLE BEAVER CREEK (BASIN 39FJ) NOTICE OF ENTRY OF FINAL DECREE OF WATER RIGHTS The Montana Water Court has entered the Final Decree of existing rights for Basin 39FJ, Little Beaver Creek. The Final Decree is available at these locations: * Montana Water Court: 1123 Research Drive, Bozeman, MT 59718; 406-586-4364 https://courts.mt.gov/courts/water * Montana DNRC, Water Rights Adjudication Office: 1424 Ninth Avenue., Helena, MT 59620; 406-444-0560 http://dnrc.mt.gov/divisions/water/adjudication * Montana DNRC, Water Resources Regional Office: 1371 Rimtop Drive, Billings, MT 59105; 406-247-4415 Copies have also been provided to the clerks of court and the clerk and recorders of the counties in which the water rights in the decree are located. Appeal of this Final Decree is subject to Section 85-2-235, MCA. Questions about this Decree may be directed to the Montana Water Court at 1-800- 624-3270 or 406-586-4364. Published in the Powder River Examiner May 30, June 6, and 13, 2024. MNAXLP

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