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Photos from: Fifth Graders conduct "Unwax Museum"

The 5th grade Unwax Museum Participants are pictured above, left to right from the back row: Reuben Kinzer - Benedict Arnold, Payton Rumph - Queen Elizabeth, Tayla Randall - Malala Yousafzia, Terryn Yonkee - Amelia Earhart, Nathan Lanchbury - Blackbeard, Kayleigh Opstedahl - Misty May, Gracey Bradley - Betsy Ross, Maggie Mader - Laura Ingalls Wilder, Kensi Emmons - Jane Goodall, Gracie Gali - Anne Frank, Baylor Kuhbacher - Doc Holiday, Darren VerWolf - Wyatt Earp, Aiden Roberts - Jackie Robinson, Peyton Simmons - Amberly Snyder.

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