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Celebrate Homecoming Week -- Pop-up Demonstration Project Set for Downtown Broadus


September 20, 2018

Show your school spirit and decorate the downtown! Sign up to decorate a hay bale with the Homecoming Week theme, “Games.” Hay bales will be part of a cross walk and curb extension demonstration project on Broadus’ town square. The Powder River Trails group is organizing volunteers to paint crosswalks, create temporary curb extensions and decorate hay bales in downtown Broadus.

The temporary or “pop-up” projects will demonstrate a safe, more walkable, inviting downtown area for all ages and abilities. Building and painting of the intersections and decorating round hay bales will take place on Thursday, September 27th, beginning at 5:00 p.m., during Homecoming Week. It will be a great time to demonstrate community spirit for our Broadus Hawk athletes and scholars.

Two, possibly three intersections, will be “decorated” with temporary, removable objects to demonstrate “curb extensions” and cross walks. Curb extensions are designed to create a safe space for pedestrians to cross the street. They also reduce the amount of asphalt on the street to be maintained and create an inviting space in the downtown area.

Cass Zimmer, City Maintenance, reported that there are three things he looks at when considering a street improvement project. The project must be low maintenance, provide for better drainage and not impinge on snow removal. Zimmer also felt it was important to improve sidewalks and their accessibility to the businesses around the town square.

“This project is a vision of what the downtown might look like,” explained Julie Riley, Extension Agent. Outside funding would be necessary to complete any improvement project. Additionally, community support is incredibly important. This pop-up project allows people to give input and say what they like or what they would change and, of course, if they want it to stay the same.

In the meantime, the demonstration project is a great time to show our school spirit. Businesses, organizations or clubs are needed to decorate the round hay bales. A $100 prize will be given to the organization with the best decorated round bale.

For more information, to enter the competition, or to volunteer to paint crosswalks or curb extensions, contact the Powder River Extension Office at 436-2424.


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