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Schoenbeck awarded school lunch award


September 20, 2018

Tammy Schoenbeck received the "Silver Spoon" award from Brian Jones of the Montana School Nutrition Council, at last week's school board meeting. (Photo courtesy Lori Fortner)

Broadus Schools Chef Tammy Schoenbeck was awarded the "Silver Spoon" Award last week, from the Montana School Nutrition Council Vice President Brian Jones. This award, which is given once a year to a premier individual in a school meal in Montana, was presented to Tammy due to her outstanding accomplishments, according to Broadus Schools Principal Denise Ternes. Ternes recommended Schoenbeck for the award, commenting that her recommendation came about because of Tammy's commitment to a positive school culture. "She goes above and beyond with the lunch program," Ternes said.

Tammy's work with the Broadus lunch program is not limited to providing healthy, great tasting lunches to students and faculty. Tammy also runs the Kids Foodbuy Foundation, which is a program providing food sacks to kids who may need a little extra over the weekends, and is paid for by donations, though the work of making the food sacks is done by Tammy and fellow Lunch Lady Pam Weir.

Schoenbeck also works to make lunch a learning experience for kids. She has a "try it day", bringing in new fruits and vegetables that students may not be accustomed to eating, in order to broaden their horizons, offer more variety, and teach the students about new foods.

Tammy also "employs" the help of older elementary students to help with serving and washing dishes in the kitchen – a job which Tammy says a number of students really enjoy.

Tammy Schoenbeck is teaching responsibility and hard work, along with educating young minds, all while providing tasty meals so students are properly fueled for learning in the classroom. For all that and more, Tammy is very deserving of the 2018 Silver Spoon Award.


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