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Cynde Jo Gatlin

Clerk & Recorder


November 1, 2018

In anticipation of the election on November 6th, The Examiner sent out interview questions to the local candidates. Though all of the local elections are un-opposed for the general election, we felt that an introduction would be newsworthy and informative for the readers. The local candidates on the ballot include: Lee Randall, County Commissioner, Allen Drane, Jr., Sheriff/Coroner, Pat Phillippi, Treasurer, Cynde Jo Gatlin, Clerk & Recorder, Cathy Landa, Justice of the Peace, Jeff Noble, County Attorney, Molly Lloyd, Superintendent of Schools, and Phoebe Amsden, Public Administrator. We printed the first three candidates last week. The responses have been printed with minimal editing.

Cynde Jo was born and raised in Boyes, and graduated from high school in Broadus. Cynde Jo is married to Chad Gatlin, and has five kids: Hayle, Dalton, Karli, Aria, and Myla.

Cynde Jo has worked at several Broadus businesses, as well as working at the Treasurer's Office before beginning her work as District Clerk four years ago. She has served under Karen Amende and Carole Richards, learning a vast amount of knowledge from both ladies. When Gail Robbins retired, Cynde Jo took over bookkeeping duties, and has been involved with balancing the county books, performing year end entries, and helping to conduct the Annual Finance Report, as well as the vast array of daily details conducted at the Clerk & Recorder's office.

Additionally, the Clerk and Recorder's job entails cooperation with the county commissioners. "I work well with the commissioners; we have a good line of communication," Cynde Jo commented during a recent interview.

An additional part of the job – elections, are something Cynde Jo enjoys immensely. "Elections are exciting, and it's fun to be part of the election process," she said.

Cynde Jo hopes to continue the computerization of the office's files and record, and is planning to stay in the position for the long term.

Cynde Jo surmised her plans for the future: "I truly enjoy working here, and my main goal is to do a good job, for the county and our taxpayers."


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