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February 7, 2019

We have not received bowling scores this year until now, hence the hiatus.

Kingpin 1-21-19

High team games: PR Lanes, 707, Big Sky Bar, 688, Big Sky Bar, 661; high series: PR Lanes, 1972, Big Sky Bar, 1969, Askin Construction, 1794.

Individual games: Bill Alderman, 214, Tom Herzog, 206, Bill Alderman, 202; high series: Bill Alderman, 596, Tom Herzog, 533, Bob Salomon, 508.

Wicked Wednesday Entertainment 1-23-19

High team games: Spare Me, 626, Powder River Lanes, 624, Stockman Stalkers, 528; high series: Powder River Lanes, 1814, Spare Me, 1735, Stockman Stalkers, 1567.

Individual games: Tra...

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