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Legislative Report


We are now at the halfway point of the 66th legislative session. The major accomplishments of the first half include passing K-12 funding and adopting a reasonable state pay plan. The second half will also include major discussions on the budget. House Bill 2, the required state’s balanced budget bill, will begin to be heard by the House Appropriations Committee later this week with the hopes it will make it to the Senate by the last week in March.

Some major issues that could affect that budget include what the future of what Montana’s Medicaid Expansion will look like, if a state pre-K program will be adopted, and how we will update our infrastructure funding.

Aside from balancing a responsible budget, Senate Republicans are focusing the second half on lowering prescription drug and health insurance costs, expanding job and technical educational opportunities, and growing public access to public lands.

There are also multiple student safety bills currently going through the process. There is a bill to address the criminal and civil statute of limitations for abuse of a child as well as both a Senate and House bill that will better define what type of relationships are allowed between a teacher and a student. I look forward to updating Senate District 19 again as soon as these bills are passed.

Kenneth Bogner

State Senator, District 19


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