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Powder River Co. Sheriff’s Office

Tricia Robinson, Broadus, MT, negligent endangerment, pled guilty, fined $1085, 90 days jail- 88 susp’d for 6 mos., conditions - pay fine, do jail time, complete chem. depend. eval., deferred 18 months.

Tricia Robinson, Broadus, MT, reckless driving, pled guilty, fined $385, 90 days jail -susp., conditions- pay fine, remain law abiding, deferred 18 months.

Jamar Hollins, North Hudson, WI, daytime truck speeding (72/60) $105.

Anton Charniauski, Pittsburgh, PA, speeding in restricted zone (54/40) $65.

Logan Stokes, Springfield, MO, displaying license plates assigned to another vehicle, $85.

Nathanial Beauvais, Lake Park, FL, daytime truck speeding (82/60) $105.

Bamidele Okanlawon, Mounds View, MN, daytime truck speeding (69/60) $55.

Justin Rodriguez, Altoona, IA, nighttime truck speeding (69/55) $105.

Montana Highway Patrol

Antonio Franca, Little Elm, TX, daytime truck speeding (82/60) $155.

Christopher Smith, Centreville, VA, daytime truck speeding (74/60) $105.

Dejan Siljanoski, Hickory Hills, IL, daytime speeding (80/70) $20.

Joseph Brown, Omaha, NB, daytime truck speeding (76/60) $105.

Morgan Mason, Bozeman, MT, daytime speeding (80/70) $20.

Charles Seibert, Plains, MT, daytime speeding (80/70) $20.

Jennifer Zalusky, Regina, SN, daytime speeding (86/70) $70.

Jeffrey Shumway, Overland Park, KS, nighttime speeding (75/65) $20.

Georgi Tsetskhladze, Philadelphia, PA, speeding in restricted zone (46/30) $105 per plea agreement.

Timothy Caro, Amherst, NH, daytime truck speeding (78/60) $105 per plea agreement.

Richard Frankovich, Vernal, UT, daytime speeding (80/70) $20.

Gordon McGovern, Spokane Valley, WA, daytime speeding (86/70) $70.

Gordon McGovern, Spokane Valley, WA, seatbelt violation, $20.

Theodore Thompson, Billings, MT, daytime truck speeding (74/60) $105.

Timothy King, Casper, WY, daytime speeding (80/70) $20.

Devon Avery, Alexandria, WA, daytime speeding (80/70) $20.

Baljit Dhillon, Surrey, BC, change lanes when unsafe, $85.

Matthew Clark, Tampa, FL, daytime speeding (87/70) $70.

Manuel Costa, Federal Way, WA, fail to drive to right of roadway, $85.

Adrienne Haugen, Lame Deer, MT, daytime speeding (85/70) $70.

Samantha Jones-Carlyle, Radford, VA, daytime speeding (80/70) $20.

Samantha Jones-Carlyle, Radford, VA, fail to carry proof of insurance, dismissed - valid proof provided to Court.

Ryan Rody, Calgary, AB, daytime speeding (79/70) $20.

Ryan Wehl, Big Fork, MT, nighttime speeding (75/65) $20.

Pamela Vasquez, Galvin, WA, daytime speeding (85/70) $70.

Paul Cerny, Kalispell, MT, daytime speeding (80/70) $20.

Dominic Lenci, Mt Pleasant, WI, daytime speeding (89/70) $70.

Montana Dept. GVW

Chad Lippert, Sturgis, SD, exceeding max gross weight allowed, $310.

Wesley McArthur, Crossfield, AB, misrepresenting size or wt. for special permit, $135.

Michael Wilbur, Belle Fourche, SD, fail to follow cond. of special permit, $135.

Daniel Ashby, Roosevelt, UT, operating CMV w/o commercial D/L, $235.

William Simons, Camrose, AB, exceeding max gross weight allowed, $235.


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