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3rd Grade Takes Part In Conservation Field Day


Elizabeth Emeline demonstrates to the Third Grade Class.

By Liz Riter

Thinking like a worm while finding out about what goes on in the soil or eating Coco Puffs to learn about soil sizes are some of the fun activities the 3rd Grade students got to do on their 27th Annual Conservation Day. We had rain again (no complaints), so plans were changed to have the Field Day in the Multipurpose Room at the Fair Barn instead of going out in the field to teach the students about conservation. The stations included viewing animal prints made by Gene Smith, Powder River Conservation Board Chairman, and Jessica Beagles, then the students got to make their own hand or foot prints.

The Broadus Third Grade receives a block of instruction on grasses from Corey Swenson of the Broadus NRCS during Conversation Field Day. (Photo courtesy Liz Riter)

Shanna Talcott, District Conservationist Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) of the Broadus Office, had a presentation about water quality and the effects on alfalfa production. She used water from the Powder River, Little Powder River, and city water. Brian Kloster, Soil Scientist from Miles City NRCS, taught the students about all the creatures who live in the soil. Mark Henning, NRCS Area Agronomist, talked about how tilling the soil disrupts the environment below the surface of the soil and how to keep soil healthy. Elizabeth Emeline, American Bird Conservancy (ABC), gave the students booklets which can help identify different birds in the area. She also taught them about pollinators and their importance in food production. Corey Swenson, NRCS Range Management Specialist, educates the kids on the difference between grasses, forbs, and shrubs.

Jennie Olson, Olson Spraying, played a game with the students to learn about noxious weeds and how easily they spread. Elizabeth had the students again to show them the trunk she obtained from FWP full of different animals' furs and showed the students different antlers and skulls. It was a fun, informative day! This field day is sponsored by the Powder River Conservation District and coordinated by Liz Riter.

3rd Grade students include Lucas Capp, Brooke Escott, Brock Gali, Alexis Gotfredson, Max Grant, Emelyn Harper, Whitney Hartman, Colton Jones, Bonita Kinzer, Madisyn Kramme, Kanin Krantz, Landyn Merwin, Grayson Murdoch, Addison Randall, Dylan Roberts, Rachel Rosencranz, Danica Schroeder, Jordyn Schroeder, Kade VerWolf, and Tenley Yonkee.


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