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August 22, 2019

Thursday, August 24, 1989

Shep Vail, companions climb Devil’s Tower

Shep Vail of Broadus and three companions from the Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch were successful in a recent climb up Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.

Vail, son of Steve and Betty Vail of Broadus, was accompanied by Chris Stover, Mike Lilygren and Scott Malone. The four young men used technical rock-climbing methods to conquer the Tower.

Vail and his friends climbed the Durance Route, on the south side of the Tower. There are over 100 routes to the summit, according to sources.

Starting on the left and using a jump travers, the foursome crossed to the Meadows. They then used a fourth-class scramble across the Meadows to the summit.

The climb was competed in about four hours, and the repel down took one and one-half hours.

When asked what the Tower looks like from the top, Vail replied, “It’s Southeastern Montana, only with more rocks!”

Best county pie maker recognized at fair

Lucille Randall’s pie was judged as the top entry in the “Powder River Pie Bake-Off,” held during the County Fair here last week.

Mrs. Randall won a cash award, a Grand Champion Centennial ribbon, and a pie baking dish.

This was the first of what will hopefully become an annual pie baking contest, a creation of Fair Board member Brenda Minow.

Diana Barbero captured Reserve Grand Champion.

The two top bakers had a lot of stiff competition, which included such well-known culinary artists as June Ray, Betty Aye, Vida Landa, Rosalie Millar and Janet Himelspach.

Third place went to Mrs. Millar.

The pies were sold during the market livestock sale with the proceeds going to the 4-H Council. Pie buyers, who also faced stiff competition, included Slug Mills, Ben Minow, Gerald Himelspach, Chris Michal, Charley Emmons and Marlyn Janssen.

Judges for the contest were Larry Woolston, Bonnie Quade and Lydia Capra (a lady with about 86 year of experience).

Horseshoe winners named

The Horseshoe toss was one of the many activities which took place during the event-filled three-day Powder River County Fair.

Winners in the singles division included John Barbero, first place; Ken Johnstone, second, and Vic Vallejo, third.

Dave Mader and Raymond Williams took first place honors in the team competition. Ken Johnstone and Jerry Cathey took second place while third went to Ted Quade and Bill Gorder.

Some stick horses faster than others

The fastest four-year-old stick horse at the Powder River County Fair was operated by young Justin Madsen. Justin outran seven other stick horses to achieve a victorious first place, in a record-setting time of 9.44 seconds.

In second place, only six-one-hundredths of a second slower was Samantha Swift. Third place winner was Krista Minow.

The top three racers received ribbons, especially designed by Patty Williams.

Other contestants in the four-year-old division included Ross Randall, Lee Randall, Brittany Dice and Lanissa Fortner.

Top contenders in the three-year-old derby were Brian Williams, first place; Wyatt Cuny, second, and Adam Rumph, third.

All three young men received ribbons in recognition of their fast mounts.

Other contestants were Chantel Shaw, Nicole Rumph, Kori Williams and Cortney Riggs.

All participants earned a quarter, compliments of the Broadus FFA Chapter, sponsors of the children’s games at the fair.

Discovering “Toys in the Sawdust” were Marlana Moore, Norman Leatherberry, Kari Randall, Axel Schoenbeck, Wacey Cathey, Jerrod Pilcher and Billy Bowers.


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