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Real Estate Transfers


October 10, 2019

Russell-Rumph Ranch, Inc. to Quentin Rumph, Notice of Purchaser’s Interest, T7S, R50E, Sec. 14, E2SE4; T7S, R50E, Sec. 23, SE4, S2NW4, S2NE4, S2SW4, NW4NW4, NE4SW4; T7S, R50E, Sec. 24, SW4NW4, NW4SW4; T7S, R50E, Sec. 26, N2NW4, N2NE4.

John Thomas Giacometto, Etux, Etal, Brittani Nicole Aurand, Etal to John Thomas Giacometto, Etux, Etal, Brittani N. Aurand, Etvir, Etal, Quitclaim Deed (Joint Tenancy), T4S, R51E, Sec. 34, SW4SE4, Tract of Land.


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