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Community Integrated Healthcare is now in operation


February 20, 2020

By Shane Copps

Community Integrated Healthcare (CIH), also known as Community Paramedicine, is now in operation in Broadus. This program is a pilot project through the State of Montana DPHHS EMS and Trauma Division. Broadus is one of 6 sites in Montana that was picked for the project and holds the distinction of both the smallest town selected, as well as the only site staffed by volunteers instead of full-time paramedics. We were chosen for a combination of the distances we travel to the ER and doctors, as well as due to the very dedicated and well-trained EMS staff.

CIH is currently free to the residents of Powder River County. In time the insurance companies will be on board and at that time we will be charging the insurance for the service. Once we are referred to a resident, we will contact them to set up a meeting and enroll them in the program. We will do vital sign checks, medication reconciliation, home safety checks, nutrition reviews, healthcare system navigation and chronic disease management. There are too many things to list that we can do within those guidelines. While this is not a traditional Home Healthcare model, we will work with the clinics and hospitals to help fill the healthcare gap in Broadus. We encourage you to talk to Kesa or Shane Copps if you feel like you or a family member would benefit from getting this help. They can be contacted at 307-696-9429 or 307-670-1400.

The CIH program has been extremely beneficial to residents in other states where it has been implemented, including 38 states which have some form of the program. The basic premise of this program is to reduce trips to the emergency room, reduce re-admissions to the hospital, help navigate the healthcare system, educate and support residents, reduce medication mistakes and help residents stay at home longer. Independence is a staple of the area and we want to support that with this program.

This program has been supported by personal donations and by the local SCDC (Endowment Fund) board. We would not be able to do this program without them.


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