First COVID-19 related deaths recorded in PR County


October 15, 2020

By Sean Hill, Powder River County Health Officer

Two Powder River Manor residents have passed away from COVID-19.

On Thursday, October 8, 2020 a female resident passed after a brief illness with COVID related symptoms. Subsequent testing revealed positive results.

On Monday, a second female resident passed who had tested positive two weeks earlier and experienced mild symptoms, however after the prolonged illness succumbed to it.

Powder River Manor has had a total of 11 residents test positive for COVID-19 including the two whom passed away. Three have been released from isolation with no apparent long-lasting effects, and the remainder are still being cared for under isolation. Only two staff and one traveler have tested positive, with the staff being released and back to work. Staffing however has been extremely diminished as anyone with any symptoms has remained at home until they are tested. Currently seven regular staff are out pending test results.

The Manor is in full isolation with all PPE being used. Positive residents have been separated and are cared for by individual staff when available. All meals and activities are conducted individually. Cleaning and sanitizing occur multiple times daily. This is not only taxing on the residents as they are socially isolated from all directions, but the constant use of full PPE and extra precautions combined with the staff shortages are extremely daunting for staff. Some staff have pulled over 60 hours over the previous week.

We encourage those with symptoms who may want to treat the symptoms at home to come in and get a test, as a positive test will help ensure testing of close contacts and limit the time they spend exposed to others during the initial pre-symptomatic phase.

Wearing a mask protects others around you that may work in a sensitive occupation, have families that do, or have individuals they care for that are compromised. This will take accepting the responsibility to protect others as this virus travels throughout our community. Masks have been proven to reduce the spread of this illness. WEAR ONE; advise those around you to WEAR ONE.

Please keep following the three basic guidelines to combat this disease. Wash your hands frequently/ use hand sanitizer, keep distanced as much as possible, and wear a mask.


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