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March 25, 2021

In Justice of the Peace Cathy Landa’s Justice Court

Powder River Co. Sheriff’s Office

Cassandra Kinser, Chatsworth, GA, speeding in restricted zone (77/65) $65.

Robert Moon Jr, Frederick, CO, daytime speeding (84/70) $70.

Cody Riesland, Broadus, MT, speeding in restricted zone (50/40) $55.

Cory Hopkins, Broadus, MT, defective taillights- insufficient visibility, $85.

Michael Jacobs, Van Vleck, TX, speeding in restricted zone (50/40) $55.

Isaiah McMullan, Biddle, MT, tobacco possession or consumption under 18, pled guilty, $135, 8 hrs. community service.

Steven Krukar, Bowie, MD, speeding in restricted zone (83/65) $85.

Austen Baack, Lincoln, NE, speeding in restricted zone (76/65) $65.

Austen Baack, Lincoln, NE, fail to stop for school bus, $135.


Vanessa Seminole, Riverton, WY, daytime speeding (85/70), pled guilty, $70.

Vanessa Seminole, Riverton WY, operate w/ foreign D/L while susp/revoked, pled guilty, $285.

Vanessa Seminole, Riverton, WY, seatbelt violation, pled guilty, $20.

Sandy Babb, Billings, MT, speeding in restricted zone (75/65) $55.

Charlotte Edwards, Spokane, WA, speeding in restricted zone (86/65) $95.

Samuel Hickey, Seneca, MO, speeding in restricted zone (75/65) $55.

Shreya Bellampalli, Gilbert, AZ, operate w/o liability insurance, dismissed by Court- provided proof of valid insurance.

Corson Davis, Broadus, MT, operate w/o liability insurance, dismissed by Court- valid proof provided.

Esme Waldmann, Woodstock, NY, driving while privilege susp/revoked, $275.

Esme Waldmann, Woodstock, NY, speeding in restricted zone (99/65) $135.

Keston Noreiga, Bronx, NY, driving while privilege susp/ revoked, $285.

Nathan Thomas, Billings, MT, speeding in restricted zone (80/65) $65.

Kevin Coons, Williston, ND, fail to carry proof of insurance, $285.

Jerek Walker, Piedmont, SC, speeding in restricted zone (80/65) $65.

Hollie Varnum, Billings, MT, seatbelt violation, $20.

Lee Turnbough, Broadus, MT, careless driving, $85.

Jason Held, Atkinson, NE, speeding in restricted zone (89/65) $95.

Kevin King, Williston, ND, nighttime speeding (75/65) $20.

Aventura Palomo Jr, Riverton, WY, operate tow truck w/o safety inspection, $85.

Melissa Ziler, Broadus, MT, driving MV while susp/revoked, $285.

Montana Dept. GVW

Aaron Westlake, Williston, ND, operate w/o over-dimensional permit, $85.

Aaron Westlake, Williston, ND, not in possession of 7 previous day’s log, $135.

Brian Somerville, Watford City, ND, driving CMV while CDL is susp/revoked, $285.

Scott Wickersham, Douglas, WY, operate w/o over-dimensional permit $85.

Lee Grinde, Westbrook, MN, fail to follow conditions of special permit $135.

Quai McNeal, Huxley, IA, misrepresenting size/weight of load for special permit, $135.

Brian White, Williston, ND, no logbook in possession, $135.


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