Martinson Wins Working Horse Show

The Powder River Working Horse Show took place last Saturday as the capstone event for the fair. Competitors vied for a custom saddle along with top honors by utilizing their riding skills, as well as their horse's training and ability to try and best the local competition in several categories including confirmation, cutting, heading, heeling, boxing, fence work, and a trail class.

Taking home the top honors this year was Carson Martinson and his five year old gelding Hollywood. Second and third was a tie between Pete Walden and Brady Williams, and fourth place went to JW Thrush, while Laney Williams won the youth competition.

With the win, Carson will take over the duties of holding next year's competition.

This year the competition was held by 2021 Working Horse Show winner, Britt Williams, and his wife Kaila. The annual event is open for competitors from Powder River and surrounding counties.


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