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Photos from: Teens take part in 25th Annual 4-H Mini-Congress

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4-H Mini-Congress 2018 -- Participants and Teen 4-H organizers pause for a group photo. Back row standing, left to right: Kaydin Trent, Garrett Cunningham, Ashley Bilbrey, Kyle Minow, Hylee Layne, Zeason Schaffer, Tawna Quiroz, Karena Appleman and Callie Williams. Back row sitting, left to right: Peyton Simmons, Justin Aye, Terryn Yonkee, Alix Heacock, Zoe Page, Maddie Zimmer, Maddie Brownfield, Tenley Yonkee, Laney Williams, Whitney Hartman. Middle row, left to right: Chas Gaskill, Kayleigh Opstedahl, Becca Aye, Ayla Semmendinger, Danica Schroeder, Bonita Kinzer, Emelyn Harper, Jordyn Schroeder, Madisyn Kramme. Front row, left to right: Riley Mitchell, Keara MacDougall, Jada MacBlane, Alexis Gotfred

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