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Broadus 2nd Graders share their ideas on saving Christmas


December 20, 2018

Courtesy of Broadus 2nd Grade Teacher Laura Lambert and the 2nd Grade Class

Oh No! Santa’s reindeer are furious and have decided to go on strike this Christmas Eve! What will Santa do? Second graders have some ideas.

The Fox That Saved Christmas

By Karlee Emmons

The best kind of animal to pull Santa’s sleigh is a fox. The foxes will save Christmas. They are strong so they can pull Santa’s sleigh. They can carry a sleigh full of packages. The red fox can pull 20 people. They are quiet and sneaky when children are sleeping. The fox can hide very well. The foxes are always ready to go when Santa needs help!

The Best Elk

by Addison Harper

The best kind of animal to pull Santa’s sleigh is an elk. Elk have very strong legs to jump and fly into the sky. They would jump off roofs and into the air. The elk can prance cool patterns, designs, and nice footprints in the snow. An elk would be a first-rate animal to pull Santa’s sleigh.

The Raccoons Who Pulled Santa’s Sleigh

by Reece Emmons

Santa’s reindeer went on strike on Christmas Eve! He knew that the next best option would be raccoons, because the masks on their faces would make it hard for people to see them. The masks would also keep their faces warm and keep the Christmas lights from bothering their eyes. Raccoons are very good at climbing and could climb down the chimney to help Santa place presents under the tree. The raccoons could also climb on the mantle to fill the stockings and climb right back up the chimney to pull the sleigh. This is why Santa thinks raccoons would be the best replacement for his reindeer!

The Strong Horse

by Kimber Hodge

The best kind of animal to pull Santa’s sleigh is a horse. A horse is very fast. It can gallop fast, prance fast, and run like the wind. A horse that can pull Santa’s sleigh is also very strong. It can pull Santa and all his toys. It can lift Santa up to help him into the sleigh. That’s why a horse would be the perfect animal to pull Santa’s sleigh!

The Amazing Pulling Sheep by Kacyn Hinman

The best kind of animals to pull Santa’s sleigh are sheep. Sheep run fast and when they run they jump in the sky. The sheep like to stay warm in the cold sky. These sheep have fluffy wool so they don’t need clothes. I think using sheep to pull Santa’s sleigh would be an outstanding idea!

The Mice for Santa

by Sammie Hart-Three Fingers

The best kind of animal to pull Santa’s sleigh on Christmas is mice. The mice can fly. They jump into the sky. They are quiet when they fly. They fly fast and slow. The mice are strong. They are so strong together. The mice can hold Santa’s present bag. They could jump down the chimney and put presents in stockings and under the tree. The mice’s strong legs help them climb back up the chimney. Mice are the greatest animal to pull Santa’s sleigh.


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