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Powder River Buildings are Being Rushed


Forty-Room Hotel Will be Erected at the New County Seat

Two Garages Will Be in Operation and Many Other Plans Made

(Ed: More from the May 2 and March 29, 1919 Miles City Independent, in commemoration of the county’s 100 year anniversary)

That there is a real building boom on at Broadus, which will not let up until a county seat worthy of the name has been erected, is the statement made by County Attorney N.A. Burkey, of the new Powder River sub-division. He states that the improvements which are to place the new courthouse in shape for occupancy were almost completed when he left and that the new jail will be ready just as soon as the workmen can get the material together.

In addition to the new bank building and poolhall, which are now under construction, Mr. Burkey states that a new garage is being built, a butcher shop and that a machine shop and garage now in operation at Boyes will be moved to a new location in Broadus.

Miles City people traveling through Broadus will be able to obtain good accommodations in the near future, Mr. Burkey states. He says that all arrangements have been made for the incorporation of a company which will construct a forty-room hotel at once, Link Wilson being the prime mover in this project. In addition to this several of the county officials have lumber either on hand or already ordered for their homes which gives the start of what should be a most prosperous young settlement.

Powderville Wants to Be A Real Town

A plat of the townsite of Powderville was presented to the county clerk Saturday by W.E. Barnard and company of that place, and was referred to County Attorney [word unclear] for investigation as to its conformance to the statutes governing new townsite projects.

Following his report, the county commissioners will decide whether or not the townsite shall be accepted.

Mr. Barnard is widely known as the “father” and “mayor” of Powderville, which under the new Powder River county government expects to take a boom.


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