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August 29, 2019

A sea of hay bales trails off towards Wolf Mountain.

Cost is $37 in county, $38 out of county, and $39 out of state. Please mail checks to: Powder River Examiner, PO Box 328, Broadus, MT 59317. If you'd like to save a stamp, feel free to drop payments in the payment box on our front door, located across the street to the west of the courthouse. You may also renew online, at www. powderriverexaminer.com.

Bill Alderman, Broadus

Gerald Alderman, Broadus

Ted Amsden, Broadus

John Barbero, Boyes

Ed Bird, Miles City

Don Birkholz, Broadus

Quinn Burley, Broadus

Glen Burton, Clancy

Canon Repair, Broadus

Karen Capp, Volborg

Mandy Capp, Glenrock, WY

Scott Carter, Volborg

Larry Collins, Broadus

Mike Copps, Broadus

Pearl Denson, Sheridan, WY

Denny Dunning, Otter

Luke & Tracie Earley, Broadus

Matthew Earley, Broadus

Cathy Emmons, Hysham

Karl Frederiksen, Casper, WY

Andrew Gaskill, Volborg

Willy Gergen, Broadus

Melissa Haab, Helena

Steve & Connie Hardin, Cleveland, SC

Billie Harms, Miles City

Tom Herzog, Broadus

Amanda Hodge, Volborg

Alveda Hurst, Terry

Interstate Engineering Inc, Billings

Kate Irish, Ashland

Carolyn Johnson, Green Bay, WI

Talana Klunglund, Broadus

Alvin J Kramlich, Portland, OR

Lewis Krutzfeldt, Powderville

Cris Landa-Powell, Boise, ID

Jim Madsen, Volborg

Justin Madsen, Volborg

Troy Madsen, Hancock, MN

Amel McEuen, Broadus

Miles City Public Library, Miles City

Dale Mills, Volborg

Ben Minow, Olive

John E Nisley, Broadus

Kelda Page, Broadus

Carl Patten, Lewistown

Ward Patten, Broadus

Kathy Pumroy, Brandon, FL

Warren Quinlan, Biddle

Joan Rector, Agate, CO

Fritz Rehbein, Rozet, WY

Freedus Rice, Billings

Janet Rice, Broadus

Michelle Richards, Colstrip

Marjorie Riley, Volborg

Avin Rogers, Biddle

Dan Rost Sr, Merrill, WI

Quentin Rumph, Biddle

Charles Samuelson Jr, Whitewood, SD

Valerie Sargeant, Spring Creek, NV

Scott Peterson Motors, Belle Fourche, SD

Vonnie Shannon, Terry

Jed Smith, Broadus

Robert Soloman, Broadus

Patty Stevenson, Miles City

Alan Sturtz, Winnemucca, NV

Dick Sturtz, Broadus

Duane Talcott, Hammond

Kenneth Talcott, Broadus

Wendy Twedt, Ashland

Vic Ullrich, Broadus

Raymond J Weigel, Broadus

James Wenzel, Fairhope, AL

Doug West, Oshoto, WY

Wade Williams, MT Pleasant, MI

Dick Wilson, Broadus

Phyllis Wilson, Broadus


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