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TRECO Unclaimed Capital Credit Checks


November 7, 2019

Tongue River Electric Cooperative is currently trying to locate the following individuals to pay out their capital credit earnings. If you have any information regarding names on this list, please contact us at 406-784-2341 or by email at [email protected]

Alderman, William

Allen, Gordon

Allen, Harry, c/o Lloyd Carter

Allen, Wesley

Amsden, Irene

Buechler, Verlin

Carter, Lloyd D

Chaney, Tom

Daily, Pat

Fidel, Joe

Gutz, Mark Estate c/o Suzanne Gutz

Hall, Frank

Harmon, Bruce, c/o Lanke

Hopson, Sharon

Huckins, Donna

Huckins, Marguerite Estate

Hunsaker, Richard

Inskip, Darrel

Irion, Frank Estate, c/o Don Heidel Sp. Adm.

Irion, P.R.

King, Brantley

Klein, Loretta Estate

Klevgaard, Maxine

Lawrence, Linda

Lemaster, Mike

Leob, Pamela

Linville, Edwin, c/o Helen L

Lyda, Everrett Estate

Madsen, John

Mahoney, D G

Mainwaring, Earl

McDowell, Joe

McEuen, Ashley/Audra

McIntyre, Camille

Michal, Chris

Mobley Ranch

Monroe, Mildred

Patrick, Patty

Perkins, Loren

Perkins, Loren

Popelka, Inge

Powder River Lanes

Powder River Trucking

Powderville PO

Pratt, Linda

Preston, Ernest

Rakstad, Ron

Reder, Elsie

Reinholtz, Suzy

Risdahl, Greg

Sanburn, May, c/o Julie Arems

Sargent, Tracy

Shafer, Ian

Shober, Margaret

Sonsalla, Cheryl

Steadman, Benny

Stuver, Camilla

Thomas, Pam Estate

Thompson, Tina

Vail, Audrey

Viker, Helen

Wayside Park, c/o Warren & Laurie Mar

Wenzel, Mark

Wetherelt, Tom

Williams, Joni

Williams, Starla

Williams, Zane

Worman, William


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