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June 21, 2021

Commissioners met for their weekly meeting with Lee Randall, Donna Giacometto, and John Olson present.

Meeting was called to order. No public comment was received at this time. Consent agenda approved.

Mid-month claims were presented and approved.

Teel Mullanix, Road Supervisor, stopped in to discuss FLAP grant.

The board reviewed and voted on the Workman’s Comp policy for 2021-22 fiscal year.

Raymond Ragsdale, Fire Chief, and Carey Trumps met with board to discuss a fire ban.

Darlynn Williams, Public Health Nurse, met with the board for an update.

Cynde Gatlin, Clerk & Recorder, met with the board. Gatlin presented contracts for the new fiscal year for approval. Gatlin presented the date for the upcoming Compensation Board meeting for board approval, July 12, 1:00 pm; board approved.

EMS discussion was held. Medicare/Medicaid billing paperwork is started-can back fill up to when application gets turned in NPI number and transport license is finished. Fee schedule was discussed.

No public comment was heard at this time.

Meeting adjourned.

June 28, 2021

Lee, Donna, and John were present.

Consent agenda was approved.

No public comment was heard.

Resolution 2021-21, Fire ban resolution, was read and approved – Donna motioned to approve.

Teel Mullanix, Road Supervisor, met with the board. The Belle Creek Road project was discussed. The Cemetery Road and BaRSAA resolution were discussed. The board authorized the Clerk and Recorder to put bids out for Cemetery Road project.

Resolution 2021-22, BaRSAA —John motioned to approve, Donna seconded, all in favor, motion carried.

Libby Nisley, Pool Supervisor, met with board to request purchase of a slide for next summer. The board requested Nisley to create slide rules.

Sheriff Drane stopped in to visit with the board.

Todd Gardner and Pete Wenzel of Broadus Insurance met with the board to present a Travelers Insurance quote for property and casualty insurance.

The board signed a purchase agreement with Jesse Ambulance Service for the purchase of ambulances.

The board discussed the airport fuel. The county receives fuel from City Service Valcon and recently the county has been unable to get fuel in a timely requested manner. Commissioners discussed the need for fuel in a timely manner and Commissioner Randall has reached out to another fuel company out of Wyoming. No final decision was made at this time.

Sean Hill, Medical Administrator, met with the board. Telehealth was brought online with training next week. A new bathtub was installed. 29 residents were reported. The state has been pushing for increased improvement plans. Ptolemy is looking at an additional phone system. The clinic was then discussed. The rural clinic status was discussed.

Arnie Mader, Predator Control President, stopped in to discuss a predator control budget meeting. A July 19, 2021 date has been set.

Marty Drane, Maint. Supervisor, conducted a Maintenance Department update. He reported on various repairs being done. Drane requested to advertise for help, the board approved and authorized the Clerk and Recorder to advertise. The fire suppression system at courthouse was checked last week and Marty is in the process of ordering lights for the new sidewalk. Discussion was then held on ordering sod to finish the sidewalk project; Drane will look into this. Drane also stated he cleaned up the repeater building at Home Creek.

After hearing no further comment from the public, meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.


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