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Broadus Records 87 Degree Temperature Shift In 96 hours


March 10, 2022

The local area experienced dramatic temperature changes during the month of February. The official weather station at the courthouse in Broadus recorded an 87 degree shift in temperatures in a four day span, with a 59 degree high on February 19th, and the mercury dipping to -28 on the 23rd. Reports from around the area came in of temperatures as low as -35 on February 23rd.

The -28 low on February 23rd was a record low for that date, beating the previous record of -26 recorded a century prior, on February 23rd of 1922.

The high for the month of 63 occurred on February 7th, making a 91 degree shift in temperatures on the month.

Broadus received several shots of snow over the course of the month, but with the fluctuating temperatures snow didn’t stay on the ground for long. The cold snap around the 23rd was followed by 50+ degree highs the last few days of the month.

Broadus received a total of 0.67” of precipitation in February, compared to a normal of 0.52”.

The moisture total from Jan 1 to March 1 was 1.03”, comparing favorably with the 1.04” long term average.

The Biddle 8 miles SW station recorded monthly highs of 60 degrees on three separate days: Feb 7, 10, and 28. The low for the month was -25, on the 23rd.

The station received 3.0” of snow in total over the course of the month, with the bulk (2.5”) falling on February 21st. The cold temperatures when the snow fell resulted in dry snow – a total of 0.09” of precipitation was measured at that station, compared to a normal of 0.51”.

The Moorhead 9 miles NE station had a high for February of 62 on February 10th, and a low of -25 on the 23rd. That station received 3.0” of snowfall on the month, with 0.16” of total precip. The normal February total precip is 0.39”.

The Sonnette 7 miles SW station had a high for the month of 59 on February 7th, and a low of -26, once again on the 23rd. That station, located in the high country near the divide between drainages flowing to Pumpkin Creek and Otter Creek saw the most significant snowfall recorded in the area, with 3.5” on February 11th, and 5.6” on the 21st, as well as small amounts at other times throughout the month. The station received a total of 12.2” of snowfall in February, compared to a normal of 6.6” on the month. That snowfall accumulated a total of 0.47” of moisture; this compares to a normal of 0.70”.

The RAWS station at Fort Howes had 0.06” of moisture in February. The high for the month was 63, on the 7th, and fell to -26 on the 23rd. The wind gusted to 41.0 mph on the 9th, and hit at least 20 mph on 20 out of the 28 days of February, and at least 15 mph on 27 out of 28 days.

The Volborg weather station, which records only precipitation, had 0.37” on the month.

The Powderville 8 miles NNE station topped out at 63, on February 7th, and fell to -32 on the 23rd, the lowest official recording in our area on that date. That station received 9.7” of snow in February, the bulk of 8” falling on February 21st. That storm contained 0.51” of moisture, and was right at the total normal monthly precip for the station. The station had 0.71” in total in February.


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