Broadus BPA Competes At State


March 24, 2022

State BPA participants from Broadus include back bow left to right: Lea Aye, Josh Rasmussen, Brandon Rogers, Tytan Hanson, Matt Hansen, Grayson Arithson, Cooper Zimmer, Marcus Mader, Zeason Schaffer Middle Row: Libby Nisley, Mercy Brost, Lauryn Billing, Becca Aye, April Wood, Lucinda Cain, Mia Mder, Graci Barbero, Madelyn Zimmer, Kensi Emmons Front Row: Eli Heacock, Laci Wood, Rebekah Rasmussen, Justin Aye, Kayleigh Opstedahl, Kassie Hagedorn. (Photo courtesy Libby Nisley)

By: Libby Nisley, Advisor

Our Broadus BPA chapter was a strong force in the state competition March 13th-15th. There were around 1,200 competitors from over 100 chapters at the conference. We had 10 students qualify for the National competition to be held in Dallas, TX on May 4th-8th, which is a difficult task indeed. Many of our students had a tough turnaround from State Basketball participation right onto the bus early the next morning to compete in BPA. These students are truly well-rounded individuals and I am proud of their representation of our school in so many ways.

This is the third year for Middle Level (Junior High) students to participate in BPA, and the four participants did quite well. The Administrative Support Team, including Justin Aye, Kassie Hagedorn, Kensi Emmons, and Kayleigh Opstedahl took 1st Place. Justin had an excellent competition with 1st in Computer Literacy Concepts and in Spreadsheet Applications, 2nd in Business Math Concepts & Intro to Word Processing, and 4th in Business Fundamentals. Kassie placed 4th in Intro to Word Processing and 6th in Computer Literacy Concepts. Kayleigh placed 7th in Intro to Word Processing, and Kensi placed 10th in Business Fundamentals Concepts.

We had 20 high school students participate, and they represented us well. Three teams all competed well with top 10 finishes. Admin Support Team placed 1st – with Marcus Mader, Lucinda Cain, Cooper Zimmer, and Becca Aye. The Parliamentary Procedure Team placed 5th, with members Marcus & Mia Mader, Lea & Becca Aye, and April & Laci Wood. The Financial Analyst Team placed 7th with members Lauryn Billing & Tytan Hanson. There were large numbers of teams participating in these events and our students really showed their leadership and ability to work together well.

High school individual results are as follows. Graci Barbero was 19th in Advanced Accounting. Zeason Schaffer placed 12th, Mia Mader placed 13th, and Cooper Zimmer placed 18th in Advanced Spreadsheet. Lea Aye placed 1st in Advanced Word. April Wood placed 9th in Basic Office. Fundamental Accounting had stiff competition, Mercy Brost placed 18th, Lauryn Billing placed 26th, and Maddie Zimmer placed 30th. Rebekah Rasmussen placed 25th in Fundamental Spreadsheet. Lea Aye placed 4th in Health Administration Procedures. Marcus Mader placed 10th in Integrated Office. Intermediate Word was a great event for us with Mia Mader taking 4th, Cooper Zimmer-16th, Zeason Schaffer-23rd, and Graci Barbero-25th.

Our BPA students will be doing some fundraising for their exciting trip to Dallas for Nationals. If you're interested in supporting them, contact any of those students qualifying for this prestigious conference including Lea, Becca, or Justin Aye, Marcus & Mia Mader, Lucinda Cain, Cooper Zimmer, Kayleigh Opstedahl, Kensi Emmons, or Kassie Hagedorn. You can also contact me as well. Thank you so much for your continued support!


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