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April 28, 2022

April 28, 1922

Lambing Season Now Underway

Flockmasters of southeastern Montana are said to be prepared for the lambing season that is just starting, to continue for the next month. Unless inclement weather prevails a good crop of lambs will be gathered.

Following the lambing season comes the shearing season. Harry Fischer is one of the local machine shearers who have been engaged for the season’s work, and will be at Otis Nisley’s on East Fork, May 25, the opening day. The same crew of shearers will perhaps clip fleeces for the Osgoods.

Last year the Osgoods had 12,000 sheep sheared on Cottonwood Creek, seven men employed in the crew that did the work, averaging 1,200 head of sheep a day.

Local sheep shearers or flockmasters do not yet know the price to be paid this year for shearing, but the former look for an increase from last year in view of the raise in price for wool clips. Last year the shearers were paid 10 ½ cents a head with board provided. In 1914 the shearers received 8 cents a head. By hand, 187 sheep sheared of their wool in eight hours, is said to be a fair average, but with machines the number is considerable more.

April 25, 1947

Music Program Friday Morning

Eleven rural schools have sent entries for the Rural Music Program to be held in the High School auditorium, Friday morning at 10 o’clock. The following program, summarized by Grace Carter, county superintendent, as well as a band concert, under the direction of Miss Violet Haase, will constitute the morning program:

Two Tree school: Morning Hymn, Chorus; Song, 4 Primary Pupils; Rhythm Band, 6 Primary Pupils.

Divide school: The Old Lamplighter, Durlin Beddor; You’re a Grand Old Flag, Chorus.

Otter school: Piano Duet, Carol and Gary Bull; Xylophone, Solo, Roger Wirth.

Bidwell school: Billy Boy, Chorus.

Moorhead school: A Spring Medley, Mary Ann Marquess, Bob Lawrence.

Kingsley school: Sunrise, Chorus.

Willow Crossing: Instrumental Number, Penny Thex; Instrumental Number, Joyce Fletcher; Vocal Duet, Penny Thex and Joyce Fletcher; Poem, Joyce Fletcher, Penny Thex and Karen Badgett.

Wolf Creek school: Vocal Duet, Daniel and Irene Bidwell, Symphonet Band, School.

Dick Creek: Old Black Joe, Solo, Lloyd Smith.

Billup school: Group of Tonette Selections, School.

North Stacey school: The Birdies Ball, Song, School; The Mulberry Bush, School; Pepita, Eva Rose Howard; The Moon, Vivian Briant.

April 27, 1972

FHA Chapter Elects Officers

At a recent meeting of the Broadus Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America the following girls were elected to serve as officers for the chapter for the 1972-73 school term: vice president and student council representative, Mary Heidel; secretary, Sandy Moore; treasurer, Susan Denson and historian reporter, Mona Holst.

The members had previously elected Julianne Minow as president for the coming year. This officer is elected each year prior to the F.H.A. State Convention.

The organization voted in the new policy: “All Home Economic class members are members of the FHA and each class from now on has a representative on the FHA executive committee.

Named as candidates for the Outstanding FHA Member for the year as nominated by the Chapter Mothers are: Patti Barbero, Jo Ann Buck, Mary Heidel, Julianne Minow, Cheri Portwine, Pam Smith, Barb Study, Jody Rogge and president, Cindy Carter.

The Outstanding Member award will be presented at the annual FHA banquet on May 9th. Sandy Moore is chairman of the banquet. Mrs. Catherine Pemberton will be the guest speaker.

April 24, 1997

Large Crowd Enjoys Donkey Basketball

On April 16, a large crowd enjoyed family fun and entertainment provided by Crosby’s Donkey Basketball. The evening began with Danielle Preston singing the National Anthem and Slug Mills announcing the starting lineups.

First game action saw the Powder River Dribblers take on the Mule Skinners. Riders for the Dribblers included: Mary Rumph, Curt Randall, Derrick Tvedt, Tom Riggs, Julie and Shane LaPlant, Cindy May, Jim Collins, and Aletta Shannon. Team members for the Mule Skinners were: Zane and Mike Williams, Christine and Tori Franklin, Enoch Schaffer, Jason Coulter, and Charlee Mills.

The teams played two eight minute halves scoring 10 points each. The tie breaking basket was put in by Tori Franklin, leaving the Mule Skinners as the winners.

Second game action saw the Broadus FFA take on the Lettermen, also known as “The Mob”. Donkey handlers for the FFA were: Eric Fredrickson, Jiggs Bilbrey, Adam Dice, Susan Brimmer, James Clark, Tim Hendrickson, and Mike Allen. Riding for the Lettermen were: James Ray, Mike McGregor, Jeff Rogge, Katie Russell, Robin Turnbough, Todd Jamieson, Courtney Gatlin, and Tanner Miller.

The teams started out with an entertaining warm up drill and proceeded to match up with their mounts. The teams went back and forth, basket for basket with the Lettermen coming out on top 16 to 14.

The championship game followed with the Mule Skinners beating the Lettermen with a score 10 to 6. Members of the championship game were given two liter bottles of pop for their sportsmanship and efforts. James Ray and Jiggs Bilbrey received the same prizes for their outstanding riding abilities. “Charlie Brown” and “The Killer” gave these two young men a new definition for basketball.

High school spectators will also remember the “crappy” side of the evening. All were surprised when the referee scooped up donkey droppings and proceeded to fling them into the crowd. It took awhile for all to realize that they were damp paper towels folded to look like the real thing.

Special thanks goes out to Art Perleberg for keeping score and running the clock, Slug Mills, Danielle Preston and FFA Alumni members: Ray and Ann Traub, Leland and Annie Brimmer, Mary Alice Bilbrey, Kathy McDowell and Marshall and Patty Williams. The alumni’s fundraiser will help sponsor the annual FFA Alumni Scholarship and other FFA related awards and activities, so a big thanks goes out to all those who attended the event.


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