Nineteen Participate In Screen Free Week


By PR Extension Office

We are inundated by information from multiple sources, including, but not limited to, tv, cell phones, I-pads and computers. To set aside all screens for a week can be challenging, according to MSU Extension Powder River Agent Mary Rumph.

Powder River County MSU Extension promotes the annual Screen Free Week which takes place just one week each year each Spring. It’s a chance to learn how valuable and productive those moments can be when the screen is turned off. This year, the Powder River 4-H Council and Teen 4-H sponsored prizes for the youth K-8th that met the challenge.

One parent responded, “Thank you for doing the screen free week challenge! It is always an eye opener and so much fun to more intentionally do other things that do not involve screens.”

So, what do kids do when not watching a screen? They played cards and games, went for walks looking for animals and picked flowers, read, jumped on the trampoline, cleaned the bathroom, practiced magic tricks and played the piano, wrote a letter, played hide and seek, worked with a 4-H steer, played with cousins, went to the fish hatchery, rode bikes, went on a picnic, played outside, found bugs, hunted for sheds, played soccer and found worms for the chickens.

“What great testimonies!” exclaimed Rumph. “It helps me appreciate what we are missing when we are ‘plugged’ in. I think it would be interesting to see if adults could be successful in participating in a Screen Free Week,” she added.

A warm congratulations to the nineteen youth who participated and reported on their adventures. They include: Tizer & Jesse Barnhart, Leo, John, Hanna, Noah Dudek, Trace, Maci & Reece Emmons, Evy & Senra Gnerer, Paisley & Addison Harper, Jaelyn & Tyler Jurica, Sawyer & Sophie Ostendorf, and Rachel Rosencranz.


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