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September 8, 2022

September 8, 1922

High School Opens with 37 Students

The district high school opened Tuesday morning in the new building with an enrollment of thirty-seven students and this number will further increased during the next month by ten or more. The high school faculty comprises Principal D.F. DeLap, J.I. Westphal and Mrs. S.A. Holt, the latter on half time.

The equipment was not complete for the start of high school for the teachers’ desks and several students’ desks, as well as some books had not yet arrived. This equipment is all new and was in Miles City awaiting transportation here and was to be delivered sometime this week.

The student enrollment by grades is as follows:

Ninth grade (Freshmen): Robert Martin, Mildred Turley, George Preston, Eleanor Jurica, Rosa Belle Kelsey, Annabelle Frankforter, Reva Pierce, Raymond Houser, Ona Sandall, Loucille Isaacs, James Ballah, Margaret Mussetter, Herbert Holt, Wayne Morris, Francis Osgood, Rosamond Monroe, Madelein Ambuel, Lee Lavell.

Tenth grade (Sophomores): Horace Garr, James Thompson, Clifford Fitch, Margaret Blenkner, Fay Harrington, Ruby Harrington, Martha Stuver, Madge Marston.

Eleventh grade (Juniors): Leslie Yarger, Albert Lawson, Ted Kelsey, Leonard Ross, Willis Kelsey, LeMoyne Garr, Elizabeth Garr, Mary Williams, Lina Lavell.

Twelfth grade (Seniors): Steve Holt, Ruth Harrington.

September 5, 1947

Federal Appraisers at Moorhead Damsite

Two federal appraisers have been working out of Broadus for the past week appraising land in Montana and Wyoming that will be flooded by the lake caused by the construction of Moorhead dam. This land will be purchased by the Bureau of Reclamation in the near future as the dam construction will get underway early in the coming year. Local people in touch with Reclamation officials believe that headquarters for the bureau offices will be located in Broadus. Business men here have assured the reclamation officials that housing and business office space will be provided locally if the headquarters are located here.

Digging Ditch for Water Line

The Mann Construction Company, the firm holding the contract for the construction of the Broadus water and sewer system, started on Monday morning to dig the ditches and lay the water line in the original townsite of the town.

The sewer ditches in the townsite have been completed and all of the sewer tile is in place. Only the completion of the manholes and the testing of the sewer lines is needed before the system is completed in the townsite. The laying of 1,400 feet of outfall sewer line to the river will be necessary before the sewer system can be used.

The water storage tank north of town is practically completed. This 100,000 gallon concrete structure was completed in three pours. After the pipe has been laid to the water tank and all of the valves and fittings have been installed, the tank will be covered with earth.

Installation of the water and sewer lines in the recent addition to the northwest part of the town will be undertaken as soon as the project within the town has been completed.

September 7, 1972

Exploding Car Highlights Demolition Derby

By Rita Straiton

Flames shot 20 and 30 feet into the air when a Demolition Derby car exploded Sunday night at the Broadus Arena. Luckily no one was hurt.

With such thrills and chills, the Powder River Jaycee’s held their fourth annual Demolition Derby. B. Johnson of Miles City won the championship and grudge heats. Nine cars competed in the race, and in the grudge heat only four could run to compete.

Randy King won the first heat against David Whitney and Warren Schiller. In Heat No. 2, B. Johnson defeated Warren Wash and Cy Bidwell. Larry Woolston of Broadus won the third heat against Don Ferguson and Bob Engebretson.

B. Johnson won the championship heat against Randy King and Larry Woolston. He defeated Warren Wash, Randy King, and Don Ferguson in the grudge heat.

In the bicycle barrel race, Clyde Raulston took first place in two matches. He scored 28 seconds around the barrels in the first match and 27 in the second. Joe Stradtman took second in the first match with 33 seconds. In the second match Ray Ritts was second with 30 seconds and Warren Patten was third with 31 seconds.

The attending doctor was Dr. DeOnier, ambulance services were provided by Ken Jesse and wreckers were furnished by Broadus Truck and Supply. Herman Doedon took care of the loading service, poles were furnished by Frank Bidwell, and Jack Mills was the announcer.

September 4, 1997

Southeastern Montana Champion of Champions Results are Posted

Several Powder River 4-H members participated in the Champion of Champions contest held for area counties during the Southeastern Fair held in Miles City. In the live Championship steer show, Krista Minow placed fifth and Ross Randall placed twelfth. In the carcass show, both steers moved up, Krista’s to a second place finish and Ross’s steer placed ninth.

Participants in the non-livestock Champion of Champions contest and the awards they received included Skill Level II Clothing, Jenny Wiltse, red; Woodworking Level III, Kelly Madsen, blue; Weeds, Unit 3, Jillian Powell, Champion; Entomology, Amanda Dinstel, Champion; Leathercraft, Unit 3, Megan Dinstel, Reserve; Leathercraft, Unit 5, Jillian Powell, Champion Photography Unit 3, Lanissa Fortner, Reserve; Portrait with a Frame, Lanessa Fortner, Champion; Decorated Cake, Sherry Bowers, Champion; Crocheting, Megan Dinstel, Champion; Framed Needlework Picture, Jody Gay, blue.


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