Powder River First Responders Replace Community AEDs

By Gina Vineyard

Powder River First Responders received a $3,000 grant from the Powder River Community Endowment Fund and with matching funds of $3,000 from Powder River First Responders we were able to replace 5 AEDs that were obsolete and unable to purchase supplies for an update.

AEDs are automated external defibrillators, and are used to help with sudden cardiac arrest.

We also purchased an additional AED to give to the Elementary School where we have the Community Emergency Center set up when needed during a disaster.

We replaced AED pads, AED batteries plus we added pediatric AED pads (if we were able to get them, as many are out of stock) for 6 other AEDs in the community.

I discovered 17 AEDs around our county, which does not include each Deputy Sheriff/ Sheriff vehicle has one, TRECO has AEDs in some vehicles and I am sure many more we still don't know about. The rest of the AEDs supplies are current but will need to be updated in the next 4-6 months.

Since our endeavor on this project, our current Powder River County EMS staff now knows where these devices are located throughout Powder River County.

Now, if we receive a call for a lifesaving emergency, we have a better chance to save a life, as we have resources to call that are willing to help until we get there. Minutes are precious. Those minutes can save a life.

If you would like to take a CPR class or learn more about AED's, please contact your local EMT's or Adam Johnson, the Director of EMS Operations, and we can get you on a list or let you know when the next scheduled class(es) will be held.

Knowing how many AED's we replaced and/or updated, we potentially made a big impact for our friends, neighbors and every traveler that comes and goes through the county.

Thank you again to the Powder River Community Endowment Fund and Powder River First Responders for your generosity.


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