Organic Ranch Tour Will Take Place At O'Connor's


Great Falls, Montana (May 18th, 2023) – Montana Organic Association announces 2023 summer farm tours, as participants are invited to visit the Montana Legacy Ranch in Ekalaka.

Ty and Sarina O’Connor own and operate Montana Legacy Ranch, as well as OCC‐ O’Connor Crops & Cattle, and OCC Legacy Cuts processing facility. Ty and Sarina strive to provide a family lifestyle on the ranch. The O’Connor’s operate on a 53,000 acre farm and ranch in southeastern Montana, that has 13,000 acres of dry land organic crops, along with organic livestock. Using the livestock in their cropping rotation for grazing cover crops and different soil building crops, they are able to grow organic crops and fatten cattle for the processing plant that goes direct to consumer and retail stores. They also have a restaurant in Ekalaka where they serve their beef and pork, and have retail coolers for customers to purchase their beef and pork. The event is open to the public, with pre‐tour registration required.

Date and Times: June 13th at 1pm, Register at /E8KHE XyRLCksGXTw7, Montana Legacy Ranch and OCC Legacy Cuts tour and processing facility demonstration, followed by an evening Dinner and Entertainment. June 14th at 9am, Register at dhn6qNQamfVnV9, OCC‐ O’Connor Crops & Cattle tour, with OAEC/MSU Bio‐Control and Precision Ag updates, and outdoor lunch. $25/participant per food event (2). Montana Legacy Ranch is located at 21 Kim Curry Rd, Ekalaka, Montana 59324. From Ekalaka, MT, 18.6 miles south on Hwy 323. There will be tour signs posted at entrance, located at mile marker 18. Lodging options for June 12th, 13th, and or 14th are also available through registration.

Register via phone by calling IOIA at 436-2031.


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