Good Weather, Harvest Rates For Antelope Opener

MILES CITY – Antelope hunters enjoyed good weather and slightly above-average harvest rates for the general season opening weekend.


Most hunters passing through the Broadus check station were satisfied with their outing and had an opportunity to fill a license, according to wildlife biologist Ryan DeVore. A total of 81 parties and 151 hunters came through, with an overall harvest success rate of 65%. That success rate is 9% above the previous four-year average for the pronghorn opener.

The majority of hunters were pursuing pronghorn, while 11 sharptail grouse and 1 whitetail buck were also harvested. Pronghorn harvest consisted of 106 total, with 76 bucks and 30 does. Many hunters took advantage of the second opportunity doe/fawn license (799-30) and went home with two pronghorn.

The weather was beautiful all weekend and road access was good, DeVore noted.


The weather over the weekend was pleasant, making it attractive for hunters to get out into the field, said wildlife biologist Steve Atwood.

The Hysham check station reported 120 parties and 210 hunters passing through on Sunday. Eighty-one percent of hunters reported a harvest, which is about 7% above average for the opening weekend of antelope season. Most hunters reporting seeing adequate or improving numbers of antelope in the areas they hunted. Crews checked 153 antelope (128 bucks and 25 does). One whitetail buck and no elk were checked.

Atwood noted that it is important for hunters to remember that the 799-30 doe/fawn license is only valid in Hunting Districts 704 and 705 (the southeastern portion of the Region 7).


The Mosby check station saw 70 hunting parties with 123 hunters. Most of those hunters were targeting antelope, but crews did see a few bird hunters and archery elk and deer hunters. They checked 97 antelope (84 bucks and 13 does), one bull elk, one buck mule deer, eight sharp-tail, one Hungarian Partridge, six pheasants, and one turkey. There was a 75% hunter success rate. The first half of the day was very busy, with many hunters heading home early due to the unseasonably warm and sunny weather, in the mid to upper 70s, said wildlife biologist Emily Mitchell. The majority of hunters reported being happy with their hunt and enjoyed a great weekend out in the field with friends and family.

Mitchell also said FWP encourages hunters to double-check the regulations and their licenses before going afield to be sure where in the region their antelope licenses are valid. The 799-30 doe/fawn license is only valid in hunting districts 704 and 705 in the southwest corner of the region.


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