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January 29, 2023

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Public Notice

Notice of Application for Air Quality Permit pursuant to Section 75-2-211, MCA. Powder River County Landfill will file on February 1, 2023, an application for a conditional air quality open burning permit from the Permitting and Compliance Division of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality Department. Applicant seeks approval to their application to open burn clean lumber/wood and tree branches at two miles north of Broadus, MT in Township 4 South, Range 51 East, section 26: NENW. Any member of the public with questions or who wishes to receive notice of the Department’s determination, and the location where a copy of the application and the Departments analysis of it can be reviewed, or to submit comments on the applications, must contact the Department at 1520 East Sixth Ave, PO Box 200901, Helena, Montana 59620-0901. Any comments on the application must be submitted to the Department within 20 days after publication of this notice or filing of the applications, whichever is later. The Department’s decision to approve or deny an application for a conditional open burning permit may be reviewed by the Board of Environmental Review according to the following procedure: When the Department approves or denies the application for a conditional open burning permit under this section, a person who is jointly or severally adversely affected by the Department’s decision may request, within 15 days after the Department renders its decision, upon affidavit setting forth the grounds therefore, a hearing before the Board. A hearing shall be held under the provisions of the Montana Administrative Procedures Act. The Department’s decision on the application is not final unless 15 days have elapsed and there is no request for a hearing under this section. The filing of a request for a hearing postpones the effective date of the Department’s decision until the conclusion of the hearing and issuance of a final decision by the Board.

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Public Notice

Powder River County School District 79J has 5 Trustee positions to fill for a 3-yr. term. 1 - High School representative from the Biddle School District. 1 - High School representative from the South Stacey School District. 3 - High School/Elementary representative from Broadus School District 79J What are the qualifications for a school trustee? A trustee must: 1) be qualified to vote in a district; and 2) be a resident of the school district (in a single member district, a resident of the school district for at least one year prior to becoming a candidate). 20-3-305 and 20-3-338, MCA Qualified to vote means the person must: 1) be at least 18 years old; 2) be a resident of the state & county for at least 30 days; and 3) be a United States citizen. The person must not be: 1) a convicted felon currently serving a sentence in a penal institution; or 2) determined to be of unsound mind by a court of law. 13-1-111, MCA Contact Dixie L. Mitchell for declaration of intent & oath of candidacy for trustee candidate form. Broadus Public Schools, Powder River Co District 79J, PO Box 500, 500 N Trautman, Broadus, MT 59317, 406-436-2658, [email protected]

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Public Notice for Operating Assistance

This is to notify all interested parties that Powder River County Transportation is applying for $ 127,089.00 under the Montana Department of Transportation’s Operating Grant Program. Funding will be used for operating expenses associated with providing transportation services to the general public, elderly and persons with disabilities within Powder River County. The application is on file at 302 E. Holt, Broadus, MT. If requested, a public hearing will be held and public notice indicating the location, date and time of the hearing will be provided. For more information contact Christy Olson, 302 E. Holt, Broadus, MT, (406)436-2243 or Department of Transportation, Helena at 444-4210 (voice) or 444-7696 (TTY).

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