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PRCDHS Seniors Participate in Job Shadows


December 5, 2019

By Patty Williams

The senior English class has been completing a variety of activities related to career planning. In this unit, students have explored the MCIS Career Planning Program on the internet in order to research career options that suit their skills and interests. As a follow-up to these activities, students have practiced their telephone skills by arranging job shadow experiences primarily in the Billings area. Even though Mrs. Williams has been teaching the main areas of the unit, Mrs. Phillips, the guidance counselor at PRCDHS, has also helped to guide students in this process.

On November 20, members of the senior class traveled to their job shadow sites which were as follows: Callie Williams and Aaron Rogers--police officers at the Billings Police Department, Karli Collins-- radiology department at St. Vincent Hospital, Luke Herzog--physical therapy department at St. Vincent Hospital, Tawna Quiroz--veterinarian services at Lund Equine, Beau Kuhbacher--shop mechanics at Billings Farmhand, Lainee Barbero--cosmetology at Fringe Salon & Boutique, Tayden Gee--construction operators at Castlerock Excavation, Bailey Smith-- machining at H-E Parts, Erick McConnon--theater and performing arts at Billings Studio Theater, and Jadyn Traub--dental hygienist at Murdock Family Dentistry. Meanwhile, Ronnie Richards shadowed our local game warden, Kyle Queer.

As part of the job shadow portion of the career unit, students wrote confirmation emails and thank you letters to their hosts. Currently, they are in the process of creating 3-5 minute slide presentations relating their observations and learning experiences related to their job shadows.

Besides career exploration, other topics such as filling out job applications, creating a resume and cover letter, learning the do’s and don’ts with regard to the interview process, practicing an interview, and exploring the cost of living and money management are being covered in the career unit. Students are required to file the informational handouts and assignments completed during this unit in 3-ring binders which will serve as valuable resources for them as they continue to set goals and plan for their lives after high school.


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