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January 24, 2020

To the Editor,

Some other points to consider when listening to those promoting a socialist agenda for America.

Since taxing away fully half of all income made by those making $197,651 or more, as has been suggested, would net the U.S. government just enough to balance its budget, how would scores of socialist programs be paid for?

Because the wind frequently doesn't blow or the sun shine, an all-green energy system would need to have back up provided by batteries-batteries that need replacing every three to five years-costing many trillions of dollars. How will such "free" energy not bankrupt the country?

There is a fresh voice among America's youth, a fairly new organization called Young Americans Against Socialism, (YAAS). Thankfully not all the new generation is clamoring for socialism as we are led to believe in the press. I viewed some of their information on YouTube, and it's encouraging to see.

Larry Woolston


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