Bill Schaffer

Billy Joe Schaffer, 94, passed away on Saturday, September 25, 2021 at Broadus, Montana.

Bill was born to Carl and Canzetta Schaffer on August 1, 1927 at Clarendon, Texas. Bill had one brother, Carrol and two sisters, Dorothy and Kay. Bill grew up in...


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EXreader writes:

My sympathies to all the family. Always appreciated the kindness and friendship of Billy Joe, another one of the Greatest generation. Remember during high school a dance at the Boyes Com Hall a drunk young feller from Miles City showing off punching a hole through the back door. Billy Joe told him to leave and he took a swing at a Naval Golden Gloves winner, Billy Joe. 1-2 punches from Billy Joe, end of story. Rest in Piece Hero Thx EXreader for allowing me to comment. Doug Stewart