Dave Harris

David Ira Harris was born July 15, 1942 in Belle Fourche, South Dakota. He was the oldest of 3 born to Jimmy and Jessie Harris. His siblings are Donna Weeden (Harry), and Dixie Knutson (Pete). Dave grew up on the Harris Family ranch near Ridge Montan...


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EXreader writes:

Condolences to Dave's family. In out early days my future wife Shirley 'Tuffy' Kane liked dancing with the best. Dave Harris, Doug Mader and George Morella. As it happened his future brother in law John Wilson worked for/with us in Missoula while going to MSU, Missoula. John didn't come back one fall, as he had met one of the Wead sisters. John and Dave Harris each married one of those girls, Joyce and Joanne. Those 4 became happy families serving God. Love & Blessings all, Doug & Tuffy Stewart

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