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Wesley Glenn Wetherelt


October 25, 2018

Wesley Glenn Wetherelt, age 67, died peacefully at home Tuesday, October 9, 2018, surrounded by his wife, children, and grandchildren. Leukemia may have called the shots, but Wes was in control of how he finished his life; rich with love and laugher. Firstborn of four children to Glenn and Hazel, he lived on the family ranch until he left home to attend college in Billings.

Wes worked in auto parts and maintenance, and as the General Manger of Quality Nursing Services, which he co-owned with his wife. A hard worker, Wes always gave more than required. After an early retirement he worked as Campground Host for Montana Fish and Game, where his honest enjoyment of people made him a favorite; Fish and Game received several emails from campers from across the nation complimenting Wes' work as Host.

But Wes was not defined by his work; first and last, he was a family man. He married Deborah Borg on April 19, 1975 and was a 'one woman man' from then until he died. Together Wes and Deb joyfully welcomed three children; Michelle Joan on April 1, 1978, Amanda Rene' on May 14, 1979, and Craig David on January 11, 1981. Wes was a hands-on father who believed dads should have fun with their kids – and they did! Whether wrestling throughout the house, teasingly stealing dinner plates, roping and riding through the living room (and if a few houseplants didn't survive, it was a small price to pay, right?), with many warnings from mom that went unheard due to peals of laughter. He still laughed about going to get a drink for Amanda while fishing, to return and find her reeling in a fish on his line and telling him it was no longer his fish!

Wes relished his role of grandpa; whether betting on football each weekend with Evan, trying to cajole Hailee into baking and mailing him sweets, calling his "little boy" Bethany ("oh, I'm sorry, I forget you're a girl!"), making chocolate chip pancakes for Jesse, playing peek-a-boo with Jonathan from a distance, razzing Drew about the Cowboys and their cheerleaders, laughing with Emily (aka "Wiggle Butt") about finding a comfortable seat in the wheeler, teasing Courtney just to see her roll her eyes, going for ice cream with Monique, fishing with Dalton, or having an enthusiastic game of pillow fighting with Kyle.

Wes treasured his relationships with his brothers and looked forward to their time together, either in person or by frequent phone calls. Wes also enjoyed time spent with the extended family: cousins, nieces and nephews, uncles and aunts and friends that may have well been family. There was never a stranger to Wes, just a friend he hadn't met yet, and people knew he was there when they heard his frequent laugh.

Second to family, Wes loved hunting and loved it best when it included family. One of his happiest days was when he shot a six-point bull elk that Craig had called in for him. He loved to teach others to hunt, as well, whether in person, or on a phone call from a son-in-law 1800 miles away who needed a little direction in field-dressing a deer. He was also available for other advice on hunting, fishing, camping or vehicles; a quick call to dad usually fixed the problem in a few minutes but the call usually lasted over an hour, just enjoying time with each other.

Family that preceded him in death included his parents and sister (Georgie Scheetz); he is survived by his heartbroken wife, two daddy's girls, Michelle (Chris) Sparks and Amanda (Johnny Ray) McDorman, and by his son, Craig (Angie) Wetherelt, of whom no dad could have been prouder. He is also survived by his above-named grandchildren and one great-granddaughter and two brothers, Allen (Laurie) Wetherelt and Bill (Ann) Wetherelt), as well as numerous nieces and nephews (who will now have to make their own colored oatmeal!). Four not born to him also call him dad; Jack (Roxann) Hilbert, Pat (Debbie) Marino, Michelle Lee Ellefson, and Heather Upchurch.

Memorial services will be held at the Lutheran Trinity Fellowship Hall in Miles City, Montana on Oct. 28th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.


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